Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing #19

Thing #19 - I just viewed from the 2.0 Award list a site called Stats. WOW! This would be a GREAT motivator as far as physical fitness is concerned. I can see students (especially the older ones) signing into this site and keeping track of their stats and then wanting to "out do" one another. It could also create for team spirit as far as "pushing each other" in positive ways and setting goals for oneself or for a team. If I should ever get the privilege of teaching at the junior high level - I will have to show them this site as this would be a great motivator for this age child.


  1. You have introduced us to an interesting site but we can't go there because there is no link. Please go back and hot link sites that you discuss.
    There are directions on the workpage of the class blog.
    It would be helpful to do this in your posts.