Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thing #5

Thing #5 - I played with Flickr this weekend and LOVE the site. It has many interesting photos that can be used in a variety of settings. The biggest use that I can see for the site is when a teacher or librarian needs pictures that they would not be able to find in textbooks, websites, etc. They are originals and very impressive to say the least. My favorite photos are the ones of bears as I collect them. The one that is attached to the website really drew me in the most as his eyes and overall facial features caught my attention. I excitedly look forward to using this website with my students as they would be able to locate a picture of interest to them and write about it. It would make for a magnificent creative writing tool as the pictures are very crisp and clear.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Thing #3 update

Thing #3 (update) - I FINALLY HAVE AN AVATAR ON THE BLOG!!!!! HOORAY!!!!! OK -so that was a bit on the excited side. It turned out I was missing just a small part to make the whole thing work out. Now - I know the secret and cannot wait to make more of them and place the critters throughout my ENTIRE blog. A big thanks goes to Ms. B. She knows who she is and that is all that needs to be said. You are a life saver!!! I cannot wait to teach others who are stuck in this arena and I will definitely "pay it forward". Thanks again - Ms. B!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thing #4

Thing #4 - HOORAY! I have a registered blog. This is going to be a GREAT tool for me during this time as I go about learning the 2.0 world. I will be able to go back and see how I maneuvered my way through it all and hopefully will be able to teach someone else in time. This will also document my progress so I look back at the end of all of this and pat myself on the back for a job well done.

I finally got Avatar to work and made an image of myself. Another HUGE HOORAY!!! I can see where Avatar is going to be a GREAT learning tool for me and educators as a whole as students can create stories using them. They could also retell a story they have read using the different Avatar characters they create. A last idea that came to mind today is the fact that they could create an image/picture and from it write their own creative writing story to go with it. As one who has been rather technologically unskilled ---- I am looking forward to using this website with students in the classroom. It will be a great motivator for those who are reluctanct or just have a harder time with the learning process. Although I was able to create an image/character of myself ---- I could not get it to export, "beam up", etc. to my blog. I will keep playing with it until something hits and it shows up. I am not giving up in the least.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thing #3

Thing #3 - It is a great thrill to say I was able to get my blog up by myself. There were times I did not know if I could do it but continued clicking until it came up. HOORAY! The only problem I am running across now is making my avatar. For some reason - there is "an error" on the page. I will stop for now and see if I can get it to work out later on.

Thing #2

Thing #2 - I just completed viewing the video on lifelong learning. The learning contract is going to be invaluable to me as I set out on my journey into the 2.0 world and beyond. It will help keep me on the path so that I am not constantly straying off from the goal/goals to be achieved. The easiest habit for me is playing. I truly enjoy playing with my niece and nephew every chance I get. They bring new insights into my life on a daily basis when I am with them. I see the world from a different perspective when I play as it allows me the chance to explore areas that as an adult I do not have the time for. The hardest habit will be using technology. Technology has been a very imtimidating thing for me both now and in the past. I know that without a doubt I will be majrly engaged as I go through the 23 Things learning site and my whole attitude and experience with the "techy" world will be changed for the good.

Thing #1

Thing #1 - I am truly looking forward to this 23 Things adventure. As one who has had trouble with technology - this activity (or should I say - activities) will illuminate me about the 2.0 world and get me even more familiar with technology as a whole. This is going to be a great learning tool and I am very excited about this opportunity.