Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thing #22
Thing #22 - Nings - These are highly interesting tools from the 2.0 world. I explored the two attached to this posting. The similarities that I found between the two are:

a. both remind me of a webquest set up
b. both were easy to use
c. both had clean looking sites without a bunch of junk to distract you as the reader
d. both have lots of information was clearly laid out and fun to interact with as a whold
e. both have very clear photos
f. both seem easy to add and take away items and adjust to peoples needs/likings

I plan on using this nings in getting people aware of the things going on in the library or classroom. It would make for some great sharing of ideas and lesson plans as well. The best part about Nings to me is that they are so user friendly. Nings will DEFINITELY play a key role in my classroom and library.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing #9

Thing #9 - I just worked with thing 9. The coolest site I would was the attached --- The different awards that were handed out are rather amazing. I read several of the blogs and my most favorite one was the one that is attached here ----- This blog was user friendly and highly interesting as far as library information is concerned. I will definitely keep this site on my "regular" check in website.

Another website that I enjoyed was I was able to maneuver through it simply and find necessary information. I found the site laid out in such a way that I could find what I wanted. The neatest part about the site is that it had some of my favorite places already on it (ex. Home Depot). I have it booked marked as a favorite and will be referring to it on a regular basis.

Thing #8

Thing #8 - I created an RSS feed account but could not get the different sites I would like to keep current with to stay on the site. Yes - I have the account set up, clicked on ADD subscription, and then would paste the url and hit the ADD button but it always told me that there was an error. I will keep trying to work with this site until something happens. In the meantime so that I do not forget this posting -----I can see the great resourcefulness for RSS feeds. It would help keep me up to date on the latest and greatest information or tools or items that are floating around in the 2.0 world and not have to waste a bunch of time looking for it. I would be able to pass on information to educators to let them know what we are doing on our campus and hopefully find out the activities other schools are doing as well.

PS - I am hoping that these two sites will work now. It has been frustrating to say the least.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing #20

Thing #20 - I just watched a video about butterflies. WOW! It was very student friendly and the quality of the video was magnificent. I can see that Teacher Tube will be an invaluable resource to me as I search for information about topics of interest students and educators will need throughout the school year. http:// The attached is the hyperlink to the video in case you are interested in watching it.

Thing #19

Thing #19 - I just viewed from the 2.0 Award list a site called Stats. WOW! This would be a GREAT motivator as far as physical fitness is concerned. I can see students (especially the older ones) signing into this site and keeping track of their stats and then wanting to "out do" one another. It could also create for team spirit as far as "pushing each other" in positive ways and setting goals for oneself or for a team. If I should ever get the privilege of teaching at the junior high level - I will have to show them this site as this would be a great motivator for this age child.

Thing #18

Thing #18 - The thought of using an "off site" processor is rather unique. There have been times my Word processing programs were acting up and I was praying there would be something else for me to use. Well - lo and behold --- I discovered it through this exercise. The advantages I can see to something of this nature is that it is a program that would be accessible anywhere you went and is very user friendly. A disadvantage I see with this program is that the security might not be there so I would feel rather leery using something different unless I was in an absolute pinch.

Thing #17

Thing #17 - Rollyo is a great tool. I can see the great possibilities with it. It would make safer searching for students and keep the wasted time down to a minimum. It would also allow for students to find the necessary information without all the frustration that searching can sometimes bring. I plan on using this with research projects that students will do in the library and classroom. For some reason - I cannot get the website I created for Rollyo to copy/paste here. Very frustrating as I made the website and wanted to share. If anyone has any ideas on what I need to do ----- feel free to pass them along.

Thing #16

Thing #16 - Wikis can be very powerful tools of information when used appropriately. The wiki for the midterm was used so that information could be shared with students, educators, parents, etc. The wide array of wikis and how they can be incorporated into lesson plans and the versatility of it all is something that I never knew was possible until this exercise. My goal is to use wikis within my classsroom more efficiently and effectively so that parents and others can stay abreast of the things the children are learning in the classroom or library.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thing #15

Thing #15 - The video about libary futures and the 2.o world from "The Vision of Students Today" was a bit shocking. Maybe it has been a while since I have been to college, but I was completely surprised by the statistics the video had to offer. Yes - our world has changed technologically. I will be the first one to admit. The 23 Things project is a true testament to the change and how we as librarians will need to relate to each other both now and in the future. The article I read - "Away from the Icebergs" was a bit concerning to me. I can see where libraries will change and will HAVE to change due to the modern conveniences that are occurring in the world today but I do not see a total end to libraries as a whole. Libraries will still (in my opinion) play big roles in the school as sources of information and disseminating it all. Librarians will just be changing in their roles as far as having to be "on top" of the latest and greatest information tools that are available in the 2.o world. They will be sources where educators and students alike come to them to point them in the right direction in finding appropriate websites, etc.

Thing #14

Thing #14 - Technorati is rather interesting! I just finished exploring the website and am impressed with its overall layout and ease of use. I looked up several items and could not believe the vast amounts of information that I was able to get in a matter of seconds. I can see where technorati would be useful in being even more social with educators and getting information out to others. I could even use the site to share lesson plans and exchange ideas with librarians from not just the district but from around the world. I would love the chance (and technorati would allow for this) to be in contact with libraries from across the ocean to see how they work their libraries compared to where I will work in the future. The tagging makes it so that I would be able to get to certains items/features a lot quicker than having to go through vast amounts of information and waste a lot of time.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thing #13

Thing #13 - I am slowly but surely chopping away at these 23 things. I look forward to writing my last post and I am half way there. HOORAY!!!!! Thing #13 was rather interesting. I can see where this tool would be helpful in passing along information to other teachers and colleagues about materials of interest. It would help me as a librarian keep the staff apprised of the latest and greatest things happening as well as others passing along information to me and others. http// Attached is a page to my delicious webpage that I created.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thing #12

Thing #12 - I can tell that this posting will take some time to work on. Creating community through commenting is so important as we as educators do not always have the time to meet face to face but can send a quick comment and read comments at anytime of the day or night. Creating the community with others helps tremendously as we can lean on one another and work through issues we are having in our libraries, classrooms, etc. This exercise will be great for me to work on a little at a time so I can digest what is being written and learn even more about how to create community and work at keeping it up throughout my professional career.

Thing #11

Thing #11 - I just worked with Library Thing today. I really like the overall set up of the website and usefulness of it all. I can see where this would come in handy in spreading the word about new books and sharing ideas for lessons about books as well. I will definitely use this website both now and in the future as a learning tool not just for myself but my students as well. Attached is the website to my library thing homepage.

Thing #10

Thing #10 - Online image generators are rather interesting. They are easy to use and very intereactive. The biggest use I can see for this "thing" is in creating posters of books the students read. They could talk about the main idea, their favorite character, or the problem to the story. Now that I know such a thing exists - I plan on using it with my students in hopes of increasing their overall interest in reading and the creative writing process. The one I am attaching I found to be the greatest as I love anything with Odie in it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thing #7

Thing #7 - The tools that Google has to offer are INCREDIBLE!!! I had no idea that there was so much in the area of Google. I have only limited my searches to looking for things the way a lot of people do, get what I need, and walk on. The Google Advanced Search feature is wonderful. I chose the powerpoint feature and then chose the subject of butterflies. It will be a big help as a librarian and teacher to use this. I chose the powerpoint feature and then the subject of butterflies. It is incredible the number of powerpoints there are just about butterflies. This website will definitely make it easier to find needed information about a diverse number of topics. I also looked into iGoogle. This will be a great tool as well. It will help me keep updated about current events. I was also able to create the page to my satisfaction and needs. It is a tool I will use now and in the future.

Thing #6

Thing #6 - I just played with a website with the following address - I had a ball!!! It is a site where you can create trading cards of your own using your own photos or photos found from other sites. I can see where this would be a great tool for librarians as they did a study of different kinds of plants, animals, famous people, etc. The students could make a card with data that the teacher or librarian creates and the students go and look for it on the web. I used a photo of my dog for this exercise and could not be happier with it. I found the site to be very user friendly and I plan on passing the information along to others. MAGNIFICENT website!!!!!