Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thing #12

Thing #12 - I can tell that this posting will take some time to work on. Creating community through commenting is so important as we as educators do not always have the time to meet face to face but can send a quick comment and read comments at anytime of the day or night. Creating the community with others helps tremendously as we can lean on one another and work through issues we are having in our libraries, classrooms, etc. This exercise will be great for me to work on a little at a time so I can digest what is being written and learn even more about how to create community and work at keeping it up throughout my professional career.


  1. Maryanna, that's what I love about building community through blogging. Although I may not have time or ability to meet face-to-face with other teachers or librarians, I can always get great ideas at odd hours through blogs!

  2. Maryanna, I know time is precious, but try to read some comments related to what you are working on so that the community spirit will be there! Check in with some of the bloggers and see what they wrote about the things you are working on...you will have as much to share with them as they do to your posts!