Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thing #13

Thing #13 - I am slowly but surely chopping away at these 23 things. I look forward to writing my last post and I am half way there. HOORAY!!!!! Thing #13 was rather interesting. I can see where this tool would be helpful in passing along information to other teachers and colleagues about materials of interest. It would help me as a librarian keep the staff apprised of the latest and greatest things happening as well as others passing along information to me and others. http// Attached is a page to my delicious webpage that I created.


  1. Sharing a delicious list is very useful in a library setting.

    Please check your link...I think the double http:// is causing it to be "broken"

  2. VWB - Thanks for noticing the double http. I did not realize it until you pointed it out. Thanks a bunch! It is now fixed!

  3. I love your post. I can identify with your feeling of widdling away at this. I'm on 12. I have heard good things about delicious and I'm working on getting there.

    PS. I love your dog! I'm at "what was I thinking." Come say hi!

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