Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing #18

Thing #18 - The thought of using an "off site" processor is rather unique. There have been times my Word processing programs were acting up and I was praying there would be something else for me to use. Well - lo and behold --- I discovered it through this exercise. The advantages I can see to something of this nature is that it is a program that would be accessible anywhere you went and is very user friendly. A disadvantage I see with this program is that the security might not be there so I would feel rather leery using something different unless I was in an absolute pinch.


  1. Hello,
    I agree with you in reference to the security issue that might be involved in using free downloads. I often wonder about security issues when using anything other than what I have loaded and in also using any other computer but mine. I too agree with having something to use when you are desperate to find a word processor. I often when younger an attending college have had that same problem of searching out a source to use as mine went down.

  2. The use of open source resources is happening more and more as budgets get tighter. It has become common for software such as the MS Office to NOT be purchased.
    I would hope that desperation would not be the only reason to use something as incredibly useful as Google Docs.
    Please think about advantages that would be available when using Google Docs.