Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing #17

Thing #17 - Rollyo is a great tool. I can see the great possibilities with it. It would make safer searching for students and keep the wasted time down to a minimum. It would also allow for students to find the necessary information without all the frustration that searching can sometimes bring. I plan on using this with research projects that students will do in the library and classroom. For some reason - I cannot get the website I created for Rollyo to copy/paste here. Very frustrating as I made the website and wanted to share. If anyone has any ideas on what I need to do ----- feel free to pass them along.

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  1. I learned to hotlink, and it is so cool. Copy the url you want to link to and highlight the words you want to link in your post. Choose link and paste the url in the box provided. There is even a way to test the link. Happy linking!