Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thing #2

Thing #2 - I just completed viewing the video on lifelong learning. The learning contract is going to be invaluable to me as I set out on my journey into the 2.0 world and beyond. It will help keep me on the path so that I am not constantly straying off from the goal/goals to be achieved. The easiest habit for me is playing. I truly enjoy playing with my niece and nephew every chance I get. They bring new insights into my life on a daily basis when I am with them. I see the world from a different perspective when I play as it allows me the chance to explore areas that as an adult I do not have the time for. The hardest habit will be using technology. Technology has been a very imtimidating thing for me both now and in the past. I know that without a doubt I will be majrly engaged as I go through the 23 Things learning site and my whole attitude and experience with the "techy" world will be changed for the good.

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  1. your playful attitude will help you conquer those bumps in the road with technology...just you wait and see!