Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thing #21

Thing #21 - I played with Photostory and had the most magnificent story of the life cycle of a butterfly. It is saved onto my documents part of my computer but I cannot get it to attach to this blog. I have tried a few times now. I can definitely see uses for it and plan on using it in the future. It would make great introductions to stories, in teaching steps to math problems, or when wanting to teach science concepts in a different and interesting way. This thing will get great use by me both now and in the future and I wait to teach others about how to utilize it within their own classrooms.
PS - I finally got it to attach!!! Enjoy! (April 21, 2010 @ 8:12 p.m. CST) HOORAY!!!!!


  1. we need to get your PS into your blog. First be sure it is saved as a wmv. The wp3 is an editable version and that will not load.

    You should be able to upload from the documents folder.

    You need to use the movie icon on your post box toolbar...looks like a piece of film and when you browse, you should be able to drill down to your documents folder.

    The saving does take a few minutes, but if it is the proper format, it will load.

  2. Great job. I am glad you did not give up!

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